4. Graduation Photographs A professional photographer will be avilable for group and single photographs during Grad Fair week starting Tuesday, April 17 to Friday, April 20, 10:00AM –; 4:00PM. They will also be here on Monday, June 11 to Friday, June 15, 10:00AM –; 4:00PM during regalia distribution week. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) In this section you will find additional information pertaining to graduation as well as answers to frequently aksed questions. Commencement Schedule and TransportationSpecific information about the commencement ceremonies is available at each college or academic department. Please use the links below for more information. ; ;Thursday, June 14 ;Quarry Amphitheater Graduate Division Commencement 4:00 PM ; ;Friday, June 15 ;East Field Engineering Celebration 5:00 PMQuarry Amphitheater Black Grad Celebration 6:30 PM ; ; ; ;Saturday, June 16 ;East Field Porter 9:00 AM Cowell College 12:30 PM Kresge 4:00 PM ; ;Quarry Amphitheater Oakes 10:30 AM Rachel Carson 2:00 PM Merrill 5:30 PM ; ; ; ;Sunday, June 17 ;East Field Crown College 9:00 AM Stevenson College 12:30 PM Chicano Latino Celebration 4:00 PM ; ;Quarry Amphitheater College Nine 10:30 AM College Ten 2:00 PM ; ;College Nine 459-4465 College Ten 459-4465 Cowell 459-2255 Crown 459-2966 Kresge 459-3925 Merrill 459-3357 Oakes 459-5602 Porter 459-2857 Rachel Carson College 459-4279 Stevenson 459-3108 Transportation and Parking 459-2190
1. How do I rent a cap and gown? You can rent your cap and gown online using our Online Rental System, or in person at the Grad Fair 2. Can someone else rent my gown for me at the Grad Fair? Yes. They will need to know your degree, height, and weight, college, phone number, and student ID#, and be prepared to pay the rental fee. 3. Can someone else pickup my order for me? Yes. You will need to specify a pickup person for your order. You can do this by clicking on you graduation order and clicking on the "Specify Pickup Person" button near the bottom. 4. I am studying abroad. How can I get my cap and gown? Students studying abroad, or those who have already graduated and cannot pick up their cap and gown, should contact the Commencement Coordinator. 5. What size gown should I rent? Rental gowns are sized by height in 2-inch increments. All you will need to know when renting your gown is your degree, height, and weight. Extra large gown are available in limited quantities. 6. Who is supposed to wear a hood? Stevenson college only and they must know whether they are arts or science. 7. Do I get to keep the cap and tassel? Undergraduates may keep both the tassel and the cap. Graduate Division may only keep tassel. Gowns and hoods must be returne & caps for the graduate division. 8. Where do I return my gown? Gowns and hoods should be returned immediately following your ceremony or reception. There will be pick up stations marked "Gown Return" at each ceremony. Returns will also be taken at the Bay Tree Bookstore on Saturday, 8:00AM - 7:00PM and on Sunday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Any gowns or hoods not returned by Sunday must be returned to the Bay Tree Bookstore on Monday, June 18 during regular store hours. Students who do not return regalia will be billed for replacement costs. 9. I lost my gown... now what? A replacement fee will be charged for non-returned gowns. Diplomas and transcripts may be held for non-returned gowns and/or non-payment of fees. 10. Can I buy my cap & gown? Yes. Please contact the Commencement Coordinator at 831.459.2990 by April 6, 2018. Tailored regalia takes 8-10 weeks to receive, so you may not be able to get it before your commencement, in which case you would still need to rent one for the ceremony. 11. I found out I am not going to be able to attend the ceremony... can I get a refund? No. There are no refunds. 12. Can I wear the blue and gold tassel during commencement? Yes. However, the blue and gold tassel is a souvenir. Your commencement tassel will be provided with your cap and gown rental or may be purchased separately if you already have a gown. 13. What is the Commemorative Stole of Appreciation? The Commemorative Stole of Appreciation is a symbol of your accomplishments at UC Santa Cruz. It is designed to be worn in commencement and then presented as a token of respect and appreciation to a family member or mentor, someone who has supported you emotionally and/or financially throughout your academic endeavor. 14. I graduated last year... can I still get a tassel with my year on it? Yes. Both the commencement tassel and the souvenir tassel can be ordered with past years. Please email Sharon Pena at regalia@ucsc.edu with your request. 15. Can announcements be rushed? Announcement orders are produced and shipped within 2 days of order date, and overnight shipping can be requested at an additional cost. Please view the Graduation Announcements page for more information. 16. Can a double-major and/or honors be mentioned on my announcements? Yes. Most special-text requests can be accommodated. Simply call the "800" number listed on the Graduation Announcements page to place your order.
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