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You can now purchase online subscription access for course materials for CHEM 1 A-C, PSYC 172, FREN 1-5, SPAN 6 and MATH 11 A-B by selecting the option for Cengage Unlimited. Besides accessing Web Assign, which is required for your homework submission for CHEM 1 and MATH 11 and contains an eBook version of the textbook, you will be able to rent a print copy of the textbook for one term for $7.99 or purchase a loose-leaf version. If you are enrolled in both of the classes listed above you only need to purchase one access code to Cengage Unlimited to access all of your course materials.

Purchasing one four-month access to Cengage Unlimited for CHEM 1, PSYC 172, FREN 1-5, SPAN 6 and MATH 11 will allow you to utilize WebAssign for the duration of the multi-term course, but you are limited to a rental for the first term only.

When you purchase Cengage Unlimited from our web site, you will receive an e-mail with the web address and an access code to enroll. For CHEM 1, PSYC 172, FREN 1-5, SPAN 6 and MATH 11 will also need to obtain a course code from your instructor to sign you up for that class in Web Assign on the Cengage Unlimited web site; you can obtain this code when you begin classes.

You can also purchase the Cengage Unlimited subscriptions at the Bay Tree Bookstore if you would like further information on this product.

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