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Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains
John V. Young

Book Description
A fascinating human and cultural history of the Santa Cruz Mountains from 1850 to the middle of the 20th century. The lives of the early settlers and their descendants; a narrow-gauge railroad from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz in existence from 1880 to 1940; mining, logging, and grizzly bears. Tales of Patchen, Burrell, Austrian Gulch and Germantown, White Wash Alley, Lexington, Alma, Glenwood, New Almaden, and more.


Kabbalah of Stone Kabbalah of Stone
Irene Reti
Book Description
Girona, Spain, 1492--On the eve of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, a rabbi struggles to save one of the birthplaces of Jewish mysticism from the Inquisition. Help comes in the unexpected form of the spirit of the biblical prophet, Huldah, and a Christian scribe who discovers his hidden Jewish identity. This lyrical and suspenseful novel of Jewish history and magic explores gender and sexuality in the Medieval era and offers a feminist reinterpretation of an intriguing Hebrew prophet.

Advance Praise for Kabbalah of Stone
"A wise woman once taught me that Truth can be accessed at the confluence of history and the soul's knowing. This story of love, longing and prophecy is set against the background of an impeccably researched telling of one of the more painful events in human history. As the novel unfolds, through Reti's masterful imagery and prose, her readers are inspired to uncover the Truth that guides our lives." --Rabbi Nadya Gross, Ruach Ha'aretz, a project of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

"As a gay man who recently embraced his family's secret Jewish heritage, I identified strongly with the protagonist of Irene Reti's historical and mystical novel. Using extensive research and her rich powers of imagination, Reti has recreated a dangerous world of love, betrayal, and hope for the future."
--Jim Van Buskirk, Jewish Community Library, San Francisco

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