2. Order Announcements Students have the option to order personalized graduation anouncements either online or in person at the Bay Tree Bookstore during Grad Fair week **POSTPONED**. In-store orders through May 15th, 2020. Personalized announcements are available in package deals or in varying quantities of individual items (announcements, thank you';s,etc). Online ordering in English and in Spanish is available at www.cbgrad.balfour.com3. Order Class Rings Students may order UCSC class rings at the Bay Tree Bookstore throughout the year. Representatives from Jostens and Balfour will be available in the store during Grad Fair and the additional times noted below. Jostens RingsJostens Ring Dates 2020 February 13 & 14, 10:00AM –; 3:00PM March 11 –; 12, Grad Fair : 10:00AM –; 3:00PM **CANCELLED ** April 14 & 17, 9:00AM –; 4:00PM
BalfourBalfour Ring Dates 2020 March 24 –; 25, 10:00AM –; 4:00PM **CANCELLED**April 14 & 17, Grad Fair : 10:00AM –; 4:00PM June 6 –; 7, 11:00AM –; 3:00PM4. Graduation Photographs A professional photographer will be available for group and single photographs during **CANCELLED** Grad Fair Tuesday, April 14 to Friday, April 17, 9:00AM –; 4:00PM.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) In this section, you will find additional information pertaining to graduation as well as answers to frequently asked questions. All Online Orders Need To Be Picked Up By June 5th. Please know your height if purchasing from the bookstore. 1. How do I buy my graduation regalia? You can buy your cap, gown, and tassel (bundled together for your convenience) online at slugstore.ucsc.edu. 2. Can someone else purchase my gown for me at the Grad Fair? Yes. They will need to know your height and weight and be prepared to pay the fee. 3. Can someone else pick up my order for me? Yes. You will need to specify a pickup person for your order. You can do this by putting their name in the ";Ship To"; section of your order. 4. I am studying abroad. How can I get my cap and gown? Students studying abroad can purchase online and have their order shipped to the address of their choice. 5. What size gown should I get? Gowns are sized by your height in 2-inch increments. All you will need to know when ordering is your height and weight. Extra large gowns are available in limited quantities, please specify when ordering. 6. Do I get to keep my regalia? Undergraduates may keep the whole thing, cap, gown, and tassel. Graduate students may only keep the tassel. Caps, gowns, and hoods must be returned using the provided shipping label. 7. I lost my gown... now what? Unfortunately, you will have to buy a whole new cap, gown, and tassel. 8. I';m not going to be able to attend the ceremony... can I get a refund? No. There are no refunds. 9. What is the Stole of Achievement? The Stole of Achievement is a symbol of your accomplishments at UC Santa Cruz. It is designed to be worn during commencement. It has a convenient pocket that can hold your cell phone or other small items you may need for your big day. 10. I graduated last year... can I still get a tassel with my year on it? Yes. The tassel can be ordered with a past years signet. Please email regalia@ucsc.edu with your request. 11. Can announcements be rushed? Announcements are produced and shipped within 2 days of order and overnight shipping can be requested at an additional cost. Please view the Graduation Announcements page for more information. 12. Can a double-major and/or honors be mentioned on my announcements? Yes. Most special-text requests can be accommodated. Simply call the "800" number listed on the Graduation Announcements page to place your order.
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