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Men's-Unisex Tee Seal Logo Navy
Men's Tee L/S Tree Cypress Green
Men's Tee L/S Surf Blue
Tank Field Day Oxford Gray
Men's UCS Slugs Tee LS Navy
Men's-Unisex Tee UCSC Bar Logo Oxford
Men's-Unisex UCSC Bar logo Black
Men's Polo Embroidered UCSC Slugs Charcoal
Men's Polo Navy Textured Stripe Fiat
Men's L/S Tee No Known Predator Navy
Men's L/S Tee UCSC Cargo Olive
Men's L/S Seal Arch UC Santa Cruz Navy
Men's L/S Seal Oatmeal Heather
Forest Green Heather Long Sleeve with White Seal
Men's L/S Tee "I've Been Slimed"
Men's L/S "Fighting Banana Slug" Navy
Men's Yellow Tee L/S Summer Slug
Men's Tee L/S Comfort Wash Soothing Blue
Men's Long Sleeve Diamond Navy
Men's Long Sleeve Grateful Slug Tee Blue
Men's L/S Woodie Pink
Men's L/S Tee Pregame Banner Logo
Men's Long Sleeve Fiat Tee Navy
Men's Tee Tri Blend HWY1 Forest Green
Men's Tee Tri Blend UC Santa Cruz Royal Blue
Men's Tee Sunset Slug Tri-blend Black Heather
Men's Tee Tri-Blend HWY 1 Black Heather
Men's Tee Tri Blend UCSC Van
Men's Poly Tee California Seal Heather Royal
Men's Tee Grateful Dead Black Heather (Available XXXL)
Men's Tee Grateful Dead Navy Heather (Available XXXL)
Men's-Unisex Tee Heather Zen Charcoal
Men's Tee "Fighting Slug" Cardinal
Men's Tee Heather "Fighting Slug" Navy
Men's Tee No Know Predator Oxford
Men's Tee University of California Santa Cruz Navy
Men's Tee University of California Santa Cruz Heather
Men's Tee Slimed Navy
Men's Tee UCSC Cosmic Tie-Dye
Men's Tee Classic Black Heather
Men's Tee Fiat Adult Ash (Available 4XL)
Men's Tee Fiat Navy (Available 4XL)
Men's -Unisex Tee Seal Navy/Gold
Men's Unisex Tee Seal Maroon/White
Men's Unisex Tee Seal Navy/Heather
Men's Tee UCSC Navy
Men's Tank Fiat Slug Oxford
Men's Tank Washed Blue
Men's Tank Fiat Navy
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