General Inquiries
(831) 502-1496
For general questions about merchandise and services.

Customer Service
(831) 502-1496
For questions regarding gift certificates, campus forms, student accounts, and recharges.

Slugstore Online
(831) 459-5442
For questions regarding online orders.

Special Apparel & Gift Requests
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Are you looking to create a creative UC Santa Cruz Slug gift box? Working within your budget , We can help!

(831) 459-2082
For questions regarding computer hardware, back-to-school computer information, in-stock computer products.

For questions regarding graduation including cap and gown purchase, graduation announcements, and faculty gown ordering.

ID Card Services
(831) 459-2990
For questions regarding ID Cards for new and continuing undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty.

Course Materials
(831) 459-1333
For questions regarding textbooks and course materials.