ID Card Winter 2022 Information

Validation Stickers

Winter 2022:   Valid through April 5, 2022

Fall 2021:   Expires January 11, 2022

New/Transfer Students

  • If you are living on or off campus your ID card will be at your affiliated college housing office. Consult your college's Welcome Week Schedule or contact your college housing office for location and hours.
  • If you have not picked up your ID by January 14th, email to schedule a pick-up time. (Appointment only).
  • Remember to bring a government issued ID along with your Student ID number at the time of pick up.

LocationID Card Services is located on the second floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore building, next to the CourseBook Department.
Contact Information
Hours:  Monday – Friday
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
By Appointment Only
Phone: 831.459.2990


Photos for student IDs; Government issued ID required along with Student ID number. No hats or sunglasses.

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Santa Cruz County Metro Bus Pass – with a valid quarter sticker available each quarter at your college office or board of study.

Recreation Facilities Pass – with a valid quarter sticker. Entrance problems check with the OPERS Administration office, second floor of the East Field House. (Pool entrance)

Library Card – UPC code on the front of your ID card is your library check out number.

Food Service/Flexi-Dollar Card – Cafeteria food plans and declining balance Flexi card plans. Contract Office is in room 104, Hahn Student Services Building.
New Cards for Staff/Faculty
Cost: $25.00

*Please bring cash, check, or recharge to ID Card Services
All Exchange and Replacement Cards
Cost: $25.00

*Please bring cash, check, or recharge to ID Card Services

Note: This includes change of name, college, or new photo.

We cannot accept credit or debit cards; nor can we charge the replacement fee to your student account.
Continuing StudentsContinuing students may pick up validation stickers at their College Office or Board of Study each quarter and throughout the whole quarter.
Important NoticePlease take good care of your card. Damage to your card and the magnetic stripe may prevent you from obtaining services or accessing buildings.
There is no replacement charge for stolen ID cards (must include a police report).

There is a $25 fee for a damaged or replacement ID card.

There is a $25 fee for requests for a new ID card photo.

For Library users: Staff and faculty members will need to visit the library to activate their new or replacement ID card.