Bay Tree Campus Store Continues to Drive Down Course Material Costs

The Bay Tree Campus Store continues its goal of reducing the financial burden on students for course materials. Since its partnership with Akademos began in January 2022, students have collectively saved an impressive $737,000. These substantial savings reflect the shift away from the Campus Store’s previous in-store retail model, benefiting students with more options and lower prices.

Diverse Options for Cost Savings

The Bay Tree Campus Store now offers cost-saving options for students. These include used textbooks, a peer-to-peer marketplace, and a large library of digital eBooks. By providing these alternatives, the store aims to reduce expenses and enhance convenience for students.

Inclusive Access: A Game-Changer

The Inclusive Access (IA) program, also known as Day One Digital, has gained popularity among UC Santa Cruz faculty and students. IA represents the most cost-effective option compared to physical or e-book alternatives. Notably, IA has saved students a total of $283,064 when compared to purchasing traditional physical textbooks.

Spring quarter 2024 has seen a remarkable 75% increase in IA enrollment compared to the same period in 2023. Students and faculty are recognizing the benefits of IA and embracing this innovative approach to course materials. 


The Bay Tree Campus Store’s collaboration with Akademos extends beyond cost savings. Since September 2022, the partnership has enabled the Campus Store to award over $40,000 in scholarships to both graduate and undergraduate students to purchase coursebook materials and school supplies. These scholarships contribute to academic success and help to alleviate financial stress.

Collaboration with the Library

Additionally, the Campus Store collaborates closely with the UCSC Library team. Together, they identify free eBooks available through the library system and prominently feature them on the Course Material Website, ensuring that students have access to valuable resources without additional costs.

As UC Santa Cruz continues its commitment to affordability and accessibility, the Bay Tree Campus Store remains at the forefront, contributing to student success by offering cost-effective course material solutions.