Replacement ID Cards

To request a replacement ID Card:
  • Send an email to:
  • Please include your full name and student ID number
  • If you would like a new photo with your replacement, attach the photo to the request email.

There is no fee to replace:
  • Persons wishing to change their identity and/or lived name. Please see the University of California's Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy for more information.
  • Stolen ID cards (must include a police report)

There is a $25 fee to replace:
  • A damaged ID card
  • The photo
  • Student name or college on card

*Student replacements are charged to the student account once a request has been made. In the instance where a card has been lost, we cannot reactivate it if a new one has been printed. For non-student replacements, a Recharge Form must be signed and emailed to us in order to get a replacement card.

For Library users: Staff and faculty members will need to visit the library to activate their new or replacement ID card.

Please take good care of your card. Damage to your card and the magnetic stripe may prevent you from obtaining services or accessing buildings.